Riders footsteps can be felt around the world. We care about our planet.

Because they're made in a country that holds one of the planet's most expansive and ecologically sensitive ecosystems, environmental sustainability is an integral part of both the company's and Brazil's culture. Riders are recyclable, and often end up as playground materials after they've been loved into retirement. They are made from 30% recyclable materials, while 99% of the industrial waste created in their manufacturing is recycled or reused. It's this commitment to the people we serve and the planet we share that sets up apart.


Riders have always been a step ahead.

The Rider line began in Brazil in 1986 with one of the world's largest casual shoe manufacturers, Grendene – the same company that introduced wildly popular "jellies" to the world in the mid 1970s. In fact, in Brazil, you don't put on your flip flops, you put on your Riders, which is a testament to their enduring popularity in a country that knows a thing or two about getting the most out of life.

Since Rider created the After Sport category in 1986, they always have been the superior choice for cool down and recovery footwear. Proprietary technology supports arches and provides ventilation to cool and soothe feet with every step. Cushioned insoles and soft uppers cradle feet, while state-of-the-art soles fit and feel as natural as going barefoot. Many Rider sandals and slide sandals are made of materials that can go from surf to sand to street with equal ease and performance.


Most follow the beaten path. A happy few carve their own.

Riders aren't just a flip flop or a slide. They're an attitude, a reflection of a more laid-back way of life, and proof that you're unwilling to settle for less.

Rider makes some of the most popular casual sandals available, and millions worldwide adore them. Thoughtfully designed and beautifully durable, Rider sandals and thongs are made to conform to your foot, cushion every step, and accommodate your natural gait.

Rider's designers get their inspiration from extreme sports, fashion trends, and the great outdoors for styles that look as good as they feel, and are built to last. Rider sandals and thongs are crafted in Brazil in some of the most eco-friendly manufacturing plants in the world, and are the sandals of choice for millions worldwide.

Try on a pair, but we warn you – once you've slipped into Riders, nothing else will do. And that's the Rider difference.